Coldplay and Transvestite Funny

As you’ve probably noticed, I resist what’s popular until I just can’t take it anymore and then embrace it as soon as everyone else has found it and proclaimed it to be the Best Thing In The Whole Wide World™. Well, here I go again. Heather got Coldplay’s Parachutes for Christmas and wow, it’s just great. I haven’t heard the new one yet (because Heather hasn’t let me borrow it yet), but Parachutes is just great. It’s moody, mellow and is great “float away into what you’re doing” background music. I’ve been listening to the album for a couple hours now, and I’ve finally figured out why it sounds so familiar. Colplay’s lead singer sounds an awful lot like Jeff Buckley, especially on the second track, Shiver. I loved Grace, and this album sounds a lot like it, which isn’t a bad thing. I know you all know this already, but I figured I’d share anyway.

Speaking of things I know that you probably already do too, I got Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill on DVD for Christmas. Now, I’d seen the show on HBO about a million times, but wanted a DVD to watch when I’m sick, and something I can loan to friends who haven’t been indoctrinated yet. The coolest bonus of the whole thing is that there’s a show Eddie did in Paris as a prep for his new show, Circle. It’s all in French, but has sub-titles, which were nice for them big words and funky conjugations I didn’t get. It’s mostly his older material, but there were some great new bits in it. My favorite being (and this is a paraphrase, because it was in this big thing about the Renaissance), “You know, I’m just like Leonardo Da Vinci. He invented this helicopter that doesn’t work, and when I was seven, I also invented a helicopter that doesn’t work!! I’m a bloody genius, I tell you.” It was funnier in French… I swear it was.

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