No More Whining

I’m feeling better today. No more whining today. I’m playing with using Tcl around Movable Type and it’s a lot of fun. I wrote a little template that spits all the categories and entries into a tcl array, where things can then be sorted, goofed with, etc. Since everything is in MySQL, I could just go right to the db, but I can never get the MySQL driver to build right on my Linux box. I know I’m kind of wasting my time because I’ll never ever find a hosting company that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to run AOLserver, but it’s a nice diversion.

For example, I don’t like how Movable Type’s MTEntryNext and MTEntryPrevious work. I usually only want to go back and forth within a category, not through the whole site. You also can’t re-sort by field or ascend/descend like you can with MTEntries (which means your next/prev are out of order if you sort any other way than the default). I’ve already posted it to the Request a New Feature board (although I think it’s a minor minor bug).

I’ve done all kinds of stuff today. I wrote documents, finished up a project, put off starting a new one, ate a salad, drank a gallon of water and wrote up my goals for the first quarter:

  • I will write more code than documents this quarter.

  • I will mourn Steve Case’s resignation quietly and keep my grief to myself. I will no longer start sobbing in meetings and crying out, “Oh, STEVE!!!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE US?!!”

  • I will stop laughing when I hear the word “functionality”.

  • In the interest of cost savings, I will institute a toilet paper rationing program. I will personally set an example by using no more than four sheets per visit to the little boys’ room.

  • I will stop putting rude comments in my code.

  • No more easter eggs (I swear, there haven’t been ANY in anything y’all might have seen).

  • Instead of wasting company time walking all the way to the bathroom, I will install one in my office.

  • I will stop referring to my co-workers as Squeaky McSoggypants

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Just clicked through from the MT Forums– I don’t know if there’s any way to change MTEntryNext/Prev, but there are a couple ways to go through only a category’s MTNext/Prev.
    A PHP Script Method via ScriptyGoddess
    and Brad Choate’s MTCatx Plugin.

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