Daredevil In A Blue Dress

I’m a little better. My eyes are a lighter shade of pink and I don’t feel like death warmed over. I feel a little more like death over ice. I saw the band sausages idea over at A Small Victory, and remembered that my friends and I used to do this at lunch in high school. Our rules were a little lenient. We could do bands and song titles, and sometimes threw in movies. I don’t remember any of the ones we came up with (because it was almost ten years ago). But, I came up with a couple new ones:

  • Blind Faith No More

  • The Grateful Dead Kennedys

  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band On The Run

  • Fatboy Slim Pickins (see, I cheat)

  • Pearl Jam Machine

  • Land of The Lost Boys

  • Daredevil In A Blue Dress (see, movies are easier)

  • X-Men At Work (even easier to mix bands and movies)

  • Attack Of The Killer Fried Green Tomatoes (and if you cheat cheat)

  • Hunt For The Red October Sky

Completely changing the topic, I’ve been watching this show on Trio called Secret Rulers of the World. This funny British documentary filmmaker tracks down conspiracy theories, the proponents and detractors and presents what he sees as the facts. The first two episodes have been engaging and honestly, extremely shocking. Not so much that the conspiracies might be true, but the people he finds and the things they believe just blow my mind. There are fringes in this country who believe pretty much everything. The depth and breadth of craziness is just unreal. I would love to see the guy who does the show track how people go from normal to wacko – how long it takes, who introduced them, was it their parents, etc.

And last night’s Penn & Teller was just hilarious. The whole alien abduction thing makes me giggle.

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