Ucking Ick

Max has some bug that makes him sound like Darth Vader. For a three year-old to sound like Mr. Vader is a feat. He’s coughed into wakefulness the past two nights. Jen, being the trooper that she is, stayed up all night with him. He’s OK during the day except for his voice. At night, it gets worse and the coughing starts.

Doing my part to help out, I have become the Family Medicator. I left work early to go get drugs. I got those neat-o new vapo-rub patches for him, some more PediaCare cough and cold and lots of “I have a cold, pamper me” snacks for him. I’m taking him to the doctor tomorrow morning.

As you can see, I’m not really doing much. Max doesn’t like me when he’s sick. He only wants mommy. He won’t let me put him to bed. He doesn’t want to take his medicine, which means I get to play “bad cop” when it comes time to give him his medicine. Yeah, I looo-oove playing bad cop. Let’s hope the doctor gives him something wonderful that clears this crap up soon.