Miller’s Crossing

I watched Miller’s
last night. A couple thoughts:

  • The Coen’s have a great feel for language and dialect. The movie is full
    of great old sayings like “What’s the rumpus?” and “Givin’ me the high
    hat” that will probably slip into my vocabulary now.

  • Jon Polito can chew up the scenery. I have an affinity for character
    actors, and apparently, so do the Coen’s. Jon Polito is one of my
    favorites. He’s just great in this movie (he’s got the “high hat” line
    and you can tell he loves it).

  • I saw this movie once about six or seven years ago and back then I
    didn’t catch on that Bernie, Mink and Eddie the Dane were gay. How did I
    miss that? (Ok, I can tell you why – I was naive)

  • John Turturro is an amazing actor. He pulled off Bernie so elegantly
    devoid of morals, and subtly adrogynous. It was an amazing performance.

  • Albert Finney with that tommy gun and cigar is the coolest old tough guy
    scene ever.

Oh, and I wish my headache would go away. And, the big thing I miss
about using my Mac? I miss Shift+Insert to paste. I really really do.
Oh, and did you know you can style lists with a little CSS? I’ve been
doing it for years. It’s great amounts of fun, really. Try it. You’ll
like it.

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