In-N-Out of My Mind

This switching time zones thing sucks. I woke up at 6:30 local time and was unable to get back to sleep. Thank goodness for in-room (and free) broadband. Good job, Hilton! Ok, it’s not really high-speed, but it’s faster than my modem and that’s good enough for me. It was weird staying in a hotel room all by myself. I had such a hard time getting to sleep, that I got X2 on pay-per-view and fell asleep about the time Logan/Mystique made his way down the causeway (that’s the last thing I remember anyway) about 11pm local time (2pm EST – which means I was awake for almost 20 hours… I’m too old for this). Last night, we went to dinner with a bunch of folks who worked on the Journals product at The Tied House, a local prew pub. I got to mark off one of my goals of the trip – real fresh Pacific King Salmon. If you’re used to the Atlantic stuff… you’re missing out. It was perfect.

Yesterday also marked the loss of my In-and-Out Burger virginity. Their fries suck, but their burgers are fast-food-greasy-artery-clogging splendor. Now I know what I’m missing, and couldn’t be more upset that we don’t have one in VA. We went to Google yesterday for a meeting I can’t talk about because I signed an NDA, which is pretty cool. When you go to Google and sign in as a visitor on their groovy little setup, you sign an NDA before it prints out your visitors badge. I want one for work! I’d be a different visitor every day.

Today is a full day of meetings that I might be able to talk about later, but I’m not sure. If I talk about them later, you’ll know.

Since I was up so early, I couldn’t resist posting a couple Sidekick mirror shots on my mopho album.

By Kevin Lawver

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