Hi, Nice to Meet You

I’m off being social and planning for my trip (waiting patiently for my passport, buying touristy books about Dublin, trying to figure out what the weather is like in Eastern Ireland in early December, putting together a shopping list, and trying to find things to do with the 18 hours of touristy time we’ll have there). I’m really excited about the trip, can you tell?

Now the social bit… I realized something rather important about myself while driving around the beltway with half a ton of grain in the back of my truck. I was talking to a guy from church who was in the Army for a looong time about growing up moving around all the time. He said, “Well, I guess then you view all your relationships as temporary then, don’t you?” Ummmm, huh? I what? I… well, yeah… I do, don’t I? It’s caused a tidal wave of emotion as I look back over my life at all the friends I’m unceremoniously forgotten about as soon as I left a place. It was a shock to my system, to say the least.

So, what am I doing about it? I’m trying to actually build relationships outside of my family. We had a family over for dinner after church on Sunday (I made a roast to end all roasts, no one needs to even bother anymore. I made the best roast EVER), we hosted a dinner party a few weeks ago, and we’ve been invited over for dinner this week to someone else’s house. I realized that I’ve been more introverted than I want to be. I’m working on changing that… So, as I spend more time in meatspace, and on nonDependant, I may spend less time here. I know you’re all disappointed.