2003.12.07 Dublin: Day One

We made it! It took two planes, a dozen super-long lines at Heathrow, some confusion, the world’s funniest cab driver, and some luck, but here we are. Dublin is great. Everyone we’ve met so far has been friendly and helpful, and the city has a great vibe to it.

The pictures are online from our first day.

Ok, what can I tell you before I have to go jump in the shower… Well, here are a couple tips. First, TV in the Alexander Hotel pretty much sucks. But, MTV Europe rules. They play videos and everything! And they’re not the bubblegum crap we have in the States. I’ve seen Snow Patrol, The Darkness, and the School of Rock video since turning it on, along with a bunch of other interesting stuff (like a song by a former Spice Girl that doesn’t suck!). Second, and more importantly, if you have to change terminals in Heathrow Airport, don’t fool around thinking that you have enough time to do anything else. Get there. You’ll have to go through no less than three confusing lines, and follow a dozen unintelligible signs. Good luck.

I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. There was no way to get comfortable, so I watched Seabiscuit (good), and 2 Fast 2 Furious (horrible) and tried to read. International business class is awesome. I highly recommend it if you can get your company to spring for it.

If you go to Dublin, talk to your cab driver. Our cab driver was short, red, hairy and hilarious. He was a driving confirmation of every stereotype I came into the country with. Thankfully, everyone else I’ve met since arriving has nullified a lot of those, but man, he was the best introduction to Ireland I could think of.

Ok, I’m gonna shower, get dressed, and consider going downstairs to get a traditional Irish breakfast. Toodles.

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By Kevin Lawver

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