The Last Day in Dublin

We had just one full touristy day in Dublin, and this was it. We’d already walked around the City Centre quite a bit, but still wanted to hit some shops that were closed during the week after work. So, we wandered down to Grafton Street, hit Powerscourt and a couple other shops, made some purchases, and then took the long way home to go past some sites we hadn’t seen yet.

We dropped off our purchases at the hotel, and grabbed the DART (commuter train) south around Dublin Bay to Dalkey, which is where Bono of U2, and other famous Dubliners live. It’s a cute little town on the sea. We wandered all over town, then ate lunch in an Australian restaurant.

We leave tomorrow for home, via two taxis, two airplanes, and I’m sure six lines at Heathrow in the middle.

This has been a great trip, both professionally and personally. I got to know a co-worker better, formed new relationships with the guys in Dublin, and had a lot of fun. Dublin is a great city. If you have the chance to visit, do. The people are great, the food is so much better than I expected, and the whole atmosphere is just perfect. I’ve got more to write about my thoughts on the trip, and my first trip to Europe in over twenty years, but I’m tired, need to pack, and want to go to sleep. Cheers!

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By Kevin Lawver

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