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I just posted some thoughts about primaries over at nonDependant. Spurred by Wes Clark’s decision to drop out and my guilt at changing my vote at the last minute. I voted for Edwards. Why? Because I knew Clark was in freefall, and that the only way to provide a foil to Kerry was to vote for number two. Edwards and Clark were stealing each others votes, and I knew that if Edwards was going to make it to the “it’s down to two” race, I would have to go with him. I feel guilty for it on one level, and am still questioning my decision.

The primaries are supposed to be about voting your heart. You use your head in the general, and swallow whatever pride you have and vote for the lesser of two evils (OK, I didn’t do that in 2000, which I also feel a little guilty about). I had to go with my head and vote for the “next best thing” yesterday morning.

I’m sorry, General Clark. I really like you, what you stand for, and hope you have a place in the next Administration. I hope you run for office again, and have better luck. You’re a national hero, and have my respect.

To the General’s supporters, I’m sorry. I feel bad for you. You stood for a dream that you could help create a “new standard of leadership”, bring an outsider to the White House and change the empty rhetoric, lies and vacuous promises of the Washington machine. I’m sorry it didn’t work. It’s a good dream. It’s a worthy goal.

Mr. Edwards, I hope you do something with my vote and take it somewhere important. You seem like a good man, a good father, and would make a good President. I hope your stump speech is as genuine as it sounds, because it’s damn good. It’s inspiring, and reaches for a better America for all of us. It embraces the best ideals of our country, and I can stand behind that.

Honestly, I want the primaries to keep going for a while. I like watching the attention paid to the process. I like watching the numbers, and seeing the refinement of the candidates’ message that comes from constant campaigning. I hope that the Democrats take all the attention their getting and turn it into a win in November. Anyone running (OK, anyone but Sharpton and Dennis) would be better than Bush.

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By Kevin Lawver

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