Like A Whole Other Country

I knew Texas was like “A Whole Other Country”, but they’re running your’s. That’s why this is so chilling. The Texas Republicans are in charge of half the Legislative branch (Tom DeLay), the Executive Branch, and if W wins in November, have a real good chance of taking over the Judicial.

I just don’t get it. This is the leadership of the Republican party, people. If you think centrists like John McCain, John Warner, Chuck Hagel and Olympia Snowe have any power, watch the Republican platform at the convention. I doubt highly that it will differ a whole lot from this.

The separation of Church and State is there for a reason. It’s the same reason we have two houses in Congress. It’s the same reason we have checks and balances defined in the Constitution. The will of the many should never violate the rights of the few. If Christianity (and radical fundamentalist Christianity at that) becomes the basis for government, I fear for our country. This is not a platform based on faith, hope or charity. It’s a platform based on hate, fear and ignorance.

If you vote for George W. Bush in November, you’re voting for it too. Oh, I know, that sounds crazy. It’s not. Let’s get the press to ask him to disavow the platform. Will he?