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I just wrote mine…

Dear Senator Warner,
I read this story today and was
shocked that an agency of this Government would attempt to withhold voting
information from Americans living abroad. The explanation provided by the
Pentagon is completely
unreasonable, as U.S. Government sites that deal with much more sensitive
information, and would be at much higher risk for hacking (such as
whitehouse.gov) are available without incident through the affected ISP’s.
This can only be a politically motivated decision, and it troubles me greatly.

This is an attempt by someone to disenfranchise thousands, if not millions, of American citizens, many in our Armed Forces, and it needs to be stopped
immediately. This is an affront to one of our basic rights as citizens of this
country, and that the Pentagon would take this step without Congressional
approval or proper notification of the public is unacceptable.

I hope, as chairman of the Armed Services Committee, you can put a stop to this and get answers as to why this decision was made, who made it, and see
to it that the responsible party is properly reprimanded. Personally, I think
the appropriate action is that whoever approved this action be removed from
their position.

Kevin Lawver

Sterling, VA

(I e-mailed McCain too)

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