Live in Sterling, VA and Want to Vote?

If you live in Sterling and you used to vote at either the Sterling Community Center Annex or the Satellite County Offices, our voting location has changed to the Farm Heritage Museum in Claude Moore park. The address is 21668 Heritage Farm Lane. You should also check the Sterling District polling locations from the County. It has all the polling places, not just this one.

There’s a good chance that Claude Moore isn’t your polling location. You should use the handy dandy polling place lookup tool.

To save yourself a walk, go in the entrance to the park with the stoplight (if you’re coming from Church Street, it’s the first one). Follow it around until you see the big metal building. That’s it!

Now… don’t forget to vote!!! I personally would appreciate it if you vote for John Kerry, but if you don’t, I’m OK with that too. Just vote.

Some may wonder why I’m posting this… our polling place has moved three times in the past four years. In 2002, I ended up at the wrong place and had to run over to the satellite offices. Yeah, they’re all fairly close to each other, but anything I can do to help stop confusion, right?

And, if you show up between 8 and 10, you’ll probably see me. I’ll be the smiling fat guy with all the Kerry and Socas buttons on. Yes, I know I was going to be an election officer, but I didn’t get the forms in on time, so I’m going to be a poll worker for the Kerry camp. I know it’s a stretch to think that Kerry will win Virginia, but it’s close. It’s really close (three points last poll I saw), and with registrations through the roof, I think all the polls may be wrong and this could be a blowout for one side or the other. It all depends on who those new registered voters are, and if they actually end up voting.

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