Fearless Prediction

I wanted to get this down before the polls close, and would have done it
sooner, but Jen had to go get her hair cut (looks fabulous, by the way),
and Brian was cranky. I haven’t seen any exit polls, so this is the same
prediction I made last week in California, and the same prediction I
made to anyone who would listen.

Kerry is going to win, and it’s not going to be that close. He’ll be
outside the “margin of litigation” in Florida and Ohio, and will
probably take a couple surprise states like Arizona or Virginia and
maybe Arkansas. He’ll get more than 300 electoral votes, and we’ll know
tonight who the winner is.

There you go. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong; but, I believe this one. I’ve
never felt more strongly about an election, and I actually got a little
choked up after voting this morning, and then leaving the polling place
this afternoon after volunteering. The Republican presence was almost
non-existant, and they had no visible Get Out The Vote activities going
on. The Democrats were mobilized, organized and dedicated, some
volunteers getting there this morning at 5:30 and staying until 2. If we
lose, it won’t be because we did anything wrong, or missed an

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