Oscars Impressions (Cuz Everyone Else Is Doing It)

I think the Academy should make a new rule: the music starts playing
when the lawyers get thanked. Nothing good ever comes after the lawyers
get thanked. Really. The same could be said about publicists. Nothing
against either profession, but after an award winner’s gone through
family, the director, co-stars, producer and studio it all starts to get
sketchy and people stammer, trying to make sure they go through the
litany of people who had some effect on their career. Send them
And is it just me, or is Chris Rock the best host the Oscars have ever
had? He’s not overly reverential and says a lot of the stuff we’re all
thinking. And Jamie Foxx? He wanted this so bad. You could see it on
his face while Charlise Theron was reading the names. His speech was so
much better than the one at the Golden Globes. The bit about his
grandmother was great.\
And wow, the show tonight is really moving. I skipped an hour to watch
Carnivale (I mean, didn’t you?!), but it’s moving right along. We
have what, two awards left?\
Thank You and Goodnight!

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