A Tip For Cheering Up

Need another pick-me-up? Go listen to some old They Might Be Giants, or watch their documentary: Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Giants). It shows up on IFC every month or so. It’s funny, and will make you smile.
You can’t listen to any song on Flood, Don’t Let’s Start or Subliminal and not smile. It’s a physical impossibility.


I want something that costs about $5000. I have the money in the bank (more than required) and it would be a good use of our money, but I have a hard time letting go of money. So, if I do make this purchase, should I buy it in cash or finance it and then pay it off quickly (to lower the finance charges)? The benefit to using cash is that I can’t accidentally or foolishly spend the $5000 as it sits in the bank. The drawback is that if there is an emergency, then I won’t have that $5000 cash on hand. But I do have a high-limit credit card, and if there is an emergency then I shouldn’t feel bad about using the credit card, right? What do you think?