Virginia is For Winners!

Huge congratulations are in order for Tim Kaine, who won the Virginia governor’s office convincingly. But, more important to Loudoun county, ~~both Bruce Roemmelt and~~ Dave Poisson won!!! I don’t know what this means for trends, or projections for 2006, but a big thank you to the Loudoun County Democrats. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more this time. I should be all healed and ready to go in ’06!!!\
I feel bad that Creigh Deeds lost. I really liked his platform and his ads were positive and heartfelt. I hope he runs again for something in ’06.\
UPDATE – In my drug-induced haze, it looks like I spoke too soon and Bruce actually lost. Sorry, Bruce!!!\
UPDATE #2 – The Attorney General’s race is really really close and there will probably be a recount. Right now, the Republican is up by .08%, but I’m not sure absentee’s have been counted, and I’m pretty sure there will be a recount. We’ll see what happens…

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Carson Evans says:

    Bulova retained the Dem’s seat vacated by Chap Peterson. Marsden picked up the seat vacated by Republican Dillard. Englin retained the Dem’s seat vacated by Van Landingham. Caputo picked up the seat vacated by Republican Reese. So in Fairfax/Loudon we kept 2 seats that we were in danger of losing and picked up 2 more! Go Dems!
    Is the Attny. General race official? Last I checked there were only 1900 votes seperating them.

  2. the AG race is not over until every vote has been counted.

  3. Kevin says:

    When I posted last night, it didn’t look as close as it does now, and I was on drugs. Is that a good excuse?

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