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Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on headphones. I realized that since I have a little time before my flight tomorrow morning, and that the west coast has Fry’s Electronics, I’m gonna go see what I can try out there. Why are there no Fry’s on the east coast? We’re stuck with Circuit City or Best Buy, which is why I buy almost everything electronic or computer-related online.\
Update: I ended up buying a little pair of over-the-ear JVC’s at Fry’s last night (Roger had to catch a plane, so we left a little early and went to Fry’s before dinner – Sylvia’s in Mountain View – awesome Indian food). They were cheap, but they’re not ear buds, and they’re small. I’ll let you know how it goes. I maybe I just need a bigger backpack…

By Kevin Lawver

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  1. mkg says:

    i’ve had the same issues with ear infections from cramming earbuds in my ear. the ear canal has very little “give.” i have a teeny-tiny little bit of scar tissue in mine from a past little scrape – probably from an abrasive earplug – and in certain weather conditions it still flares up. feels like an angry frog is sitting in my ear.
    anyhoo. i would go with the sennheisers mentioned, or the sonys here:
    you might try melodee music as a close-by alternative to best buy, and/or guitar center.
    good luck widdit,

  2. mkg says:

    oh, also, check these akgs:
    in the studio, among other sets o’ cans, i use sony mdr-7506s – they are ubiquitous. i’ve seen djs and the like travel with them. they do fold down to a manageable size, and can be found pretty much in any music store. they’re a bit chunky, tho.
    might just have a wade through here:

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