Hump Day!

Today is the day that comes closest to a day off for me: Babba Day!
After school, Max will go hang out with his grandma leaving Brian and me
to do whatever we want. YAY! I even get to take a nap without any guilt!
Wahoo! (In reality, I usually end up accidentally crashing on the couch
every afternoon when Max and I watch Myth Busters.)\
Kevin has the one working car today, so Brian and I are going to hang
out in comfy pants ALL DAY! I am not even going to put a bra on! But I
have laundry to do and a kitchen to clean. Plus Brian has a cold and is
extra cranky, so today won’t be total fun. But like I said, it is the
closest I get to a day off, so YAY! And then tonight we are ordering
Chinese food and will settle on the couch for an all new and exciting
Veronica Mars (on UPN at 9pm EST)! So, double YAY!\
I must have been extra excited to start my day off because I woke up
four times between 5 am and 6 am, when my alarm was set to go off. Isn’t
that weird?

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