In and Out, and out, and out

The good news: Except for one gift I still need to buy Max (I had to take something back, so I am a bit behind), I am DONE with my Christmas shopping! Yippeeeeee!\
The bad news: The heater has been on the fritz, so that it gets ridiculously cold in the house. It has been deciding to work about once a day. I have someone coming to look at it today, to the tune of I-don’t-know-how-much. Of course now that I made an appt, this morning the heater has been working. I am afraid that the guy will come out and say it is fine, but then it will stop working again tomorrow. Grrr. At least if my heater really is working, I will only have to pay a smaller amount than having it fixed or replaced. Bright side, right?\
A pipe broke this morning, I think from the cold, so now part of my basement is flooded and that is an extra few hundred dollars out the window. Plus, last week I needed to have my garbage disposal replaced. Homeownership is sucking the big fat one, right now.\
Oh, and a couple of months ago we had our ice maker fixed. Only now sometimes things get stuck up in there, so the ice won’t come out of the shoot. Pooey to that. And sometimes a layer of ice forms over the food on the shelf below the ice maker, like there is a small leak or the ice tray over sprays when filling. Grrrr.

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By Kevin Lawver

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