Lacking Bandwidth

Verizon’s high speed EVDO stuff hasn’t made it down here, so I’m stuck
at dial-up speeds for the next week. So… there won’t be a whole lot of
blogging, but the Sidekick works, so I’ll be updating my Twitter
fairly often, so check that for
It’s morning in Mississippi, and it was a rough night for the Lawvers.
Max had a little too much excitement (and ice cream, and one too many
road meals) and spent a good portion of last night throwing up. Jen
handled most of it, and is now snoozing on the couch, but it still made
for an interesting evening.\
The boys woke up early because we’re still on EST instead of CST, and
now Max is playing with the camera and we’re watching The Goonies.
Breakfast is around the corner and then hopefully, we have a day of not
doing much ahead of us (and maybe a nap).

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