OMG I love school!!

While Brian was in school today, I:

  • Cleaned and mopped the tv room.
  • Started dinner.
  • Made some phone calls.
  • Cleaned the mirror and toothpaste junk from the bathroom.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Cleaned most of the kitchen.
  • Put away toys.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Blogged about our holiday vacation.
  • Goofed off.\
    Brian’s first day of school went really well for him too. No peepee mess (which was my biggest worry). He didn’t pee at all in school, which is ok too. When I got there to pick him up, they were having music time and he was dancing and doing all of the motions to the song. It was cute. He is a head taller than the other kids, which is really funny to see.\
    This month Brian has preschool everyday because I am keeping him enrolled in his old school, which meets T, W, Th, and added his new school, which meets M, W, F. (We’ll skip old school’s Wednesday classes). Since it is winter, which means no playground time with mommy, this seemed like a good idea. In February and on, I was going to just have him go to the new school. I have to admit though that after only one day of getting a heckuva lot done, I am tempted to keep him in both programs. Mwuhahaha.