Best Album of the Year: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

I don’t say this lightly, because there have been some fantastic albums this year already, but David Byrne and Brian Eno’s brand new joint effort Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is unbelievably good. It’s rich, gorgeous and the songs are beautiful. I can’t stop listening to it.\
Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself (especially Everything That Happens, Life Is Long and One Fine Day):

It really is amazing. The ethereal music behind David Byrne’s fantastic vocals are transportive in the best sense of the word. I don’t even know how else to express it… it’s just beautiful.\
Oh, and who did they beat out? Here are the rest of my favorite albums that have come out this year:

  • The ConstantinesKensington Heights
  • Sigur RosMed sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust
  • SloanParallel Play
  • REMAccelerate
  • Plants and AnimalsParc Avenue\
    That’s some good company to beat out, especially The Constantines best album ever
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