It Becomes

Unless you live in a cave, or don’t have a radio in your car, you know that there have now been four apparent terrorist attacks on American soil. I’m listening to KCRW streaming through my headphones, delivering the carnage straight to my ears. Everyone here at AOL is running up to the newsroom to watch… Continue reading It Becomes

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It takes all kinds… This

It takes all kinds… This halfwit in the North Carolina legislature forwarded an e-mail to all the members of that hallowed body stating, “Two things made this country great: White men & Christianity.” Ok, nice thoughts there, my man. Way to bring people together. And, the lunacy continues: “Who came to this country first –… Continue reading It takes all kinds… This

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Vast right-wing conspiracy, redux (from

Vast right-wing conspiracy, redux (from Salon). This is my favorite part about Politics. Everyone gets self-righteous when they’re on the chopping block. The Dems are all pissed off at the Republicans for trying to bring them down now that they’re on top in the Senate. The Republicans are barking about confirmation of appointees being delayed… Continue reading Vast right-wing conspiracy, redux (from

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