Leftovers Accomplished: Turkey Ramen

What do you do with your turkey carcass after Thanksgiving? My mom suggested making stock, so that’s what we did! And then I realized that we could turn that stock into ramen broth with just a few more ingredients and with the crock pot, we could do it with a lot less effort than it… Continue reading Leftovers Accomplished: Turkey Ramen

Hi There

The longer I see that almost-year-old post sitting there on the homepage, the more daunting it gets to think of something worthy of kicking it out of the top spot. I’ve been blogging a lot (ok, not a lot) on the Rails Machine blog, but work, the Creative Coast and other stuff seems to take… Continue reading Hi There

TEDx Creative Coast Videos Are Up!

I had the pleasure of working in the booth for TEDx Creative Coast and the videos are now live. Hooray! There were some amazing talks, and you should watch all of them! But, really, if you only have time for a couple, check out Tom Kohler, Christian Sottille and Ian Leslie. You won’t be sorry!

Christmas Wishes

Just because several family members have asked for, and not because I want you to buy me anything, here’s my Amazon Wishlist button:\ \ Enjoy, and MERRY SHOPMAS, EVERYBODY!\ (yes, i’ve been yelling more lately. it’s cathartic, and sometimes it’s even funny)

Hey, hey. Anyone interested in a fab townhouse, close to everything important?

Here is the link to our townhouse rental info. For the lookie-loos, and my mom, there are even lots of pictures (click on the virtual tour button)! Doesn’t it look awesome? I love the view of the trees too. After living in an apartment that overlooked a small stand of trees, I was worried that… Continue reading Hey, hey. Anyone interested in a fab townhouse, close to everything important?