Murray Wilson Is Awesome

My pal Murray Wilson does great things – he and AWOL take kids the system doesn’t want and teaches them to take apart, clean and refurbish computers the system doesn’t want – computers that would otherwise go to the landfill. They then put linux on them and put them out into the community with families… Continue reading Murray Wilson Is Awesome

10 Years

I’ve been blogging, right here, for ten years. The first post on was on 07/20/2000 and didn’t say a whole lot. Since then, though, Jen and I have posted 2,631 entries. Jen didn’t start blogging here until about 2005, so out of that, almost 2,000 of them are mine. I don’t think I’ve stuck… Continue reading 10 Years

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My Summer Plan – Produce More, Consume Less

When I get home from work, I’m usually pretty tired (OK, most nights, I’m really tired). So, I don’t do much other than: Sometimes make dinner. Usually Jen makes it or we order out, but I do cook on occasion. Play video games with the kids Watch TV Screw around on my ubuntu laptop, but… Continue reading My Summer Plan – Produce More, Consume Less