From the C|Net interview with

From the C|Net interview with Tim Berners-Lee:\
bq. What about the American character rubbed off on the mainstream Web that you wish hadn’t?\
[Only when the medium remains impartial and universal can it remain a force for individual, regional and global understanding.] There isn’t a “mainstream” Web. It isn’t like that. There is no “party line.” It is a decentralized system, where the existence of a bunch of commercial sites in one place doesn’t affect or detract from the quite independent existence of some great free academic material in another. The fact that there is porn somewhere else does not affect those reading the poetry.

Well, that free webcam software

Well, that free webcam software I was using just died. How cool is that.\
On the topic, I tried so hard not to pick Zeldman’s Orange (can’t we just call it that now) when doing the redesign. Did I go check his site? Nope, I thought I knew it by heart. So, what did I do? I picked Zeldman Orange. Don’t worry, I’m no Orange stealer. It’s a whole different shade of orange now, baby.

Goin’ ta redesign – Yes,

Goin’ ta redesign – Yes, yes I am. I want something lighter and a little different. I’ve been playing with the idea of using Fisher Price little people in some way, I just haven’t figured out how. My mom brought out all my old toys for Max, and one of his favorites is my old Little People house and its inhabitants. They include the bald green guy, Donna Reed, a butler in a tux and tophat, two little kids, an Indian chief and a construction worker (both part of that classic Little People collection, the Village People Backstage Baccanal Playset). Stay tuned… it should get interesting.

There are tons of beautiful

There are tons of beautiful colors that fall outside of the web-safe palette. I can’t wait for the day when I can use them all. I found a great orange today that I’d love to use, but alas, we must remain members of the Web-Safe Army and only use the approved colors!! Let’s all march to the tune of 216 colors of happiness and long for the days of many colors, when it will be safe to come up with fabulous designs that use colors that no one’s discovered, lying under hats in the closet to the left of the old shoes we never wear and should probably give to charity. Yes, I’m talking about THOSE colors!! Aahhhh, what a nice dream, maybe some day.