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  • A Web Standards Adventure

    A photo of the members of the CSS WG present at the Plenary in March of 2006

    The amazing Molly posted a tweet yesterday with a photo of a bunch of us at the 2006 W3C Plenary in Mandelieu, France. I hadn’t thought about it in a while, but that plenary was the site of one of my few accomplishments in the web standards world. A little background, since this is now […]

  • My Friend Cindy Li

    Cindy Li and Brian posing with silly glasses

    I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years.  I’ve liked most of them, been friends with a lot of them, and loved many of them.  Cindy was definitely in the last category. Cindy Li and I became fast friends and co-conspirators while we both worked at AOL.  We were on the […]

  • Building Rails and Standards Tribes in Savannah

    I was thinking this morning about moving to Savannah, since the new job’s down there, and what I wanted to do to find a tribe. I have several great non-geospecific tribes already, my W3C scattered around the globe, my SxSW tribe and then my AOL tribe also spread around the globe, but mostly local to […]

  • Nerdy Songs

    Jason posted a tweet about writing songs this afternoon and I must have been in a particularly suggestible post-nap state and instantly came up with several extremely nerdy song titles. I think almost all of these fall into to Nerd Country n’ Western, but whatever. Here they are: I’m Semantic, But Wow, You’re Well-Formed Since […]

  • Half the Photos from China

    I’m not close to having them all up, and will hopefully be able to recover the ones on the\ fried laptop’s hard drive, but I’ve started uploading photos from China. They’ll all end up at that URL eventually.

  • The Many Misadventures of One Kevin P. Lawver

    I made it home. What a week. I posted before about what I did on the flight to China and that was the last you heard from me. Well, Saturday night, my laptop died. It suffered a complete hard drive failure. Even using Arun system disk, it couldn’t find the hard drive controller. Hopefully, this […]

  • How to Spend 14 Hours Stuck in a Chair

    I’m heading to the airport in a couple hours, with a very long plane ride ahead of me (well, two, but the second is next week). How long? Well, if United is to be believed, it’s thirteen hours and forty-four minutes long. This will be the longest continuous flight I’ve ever been on (Dulles to […]

  • Social Networking Mashups

    I’m speaking today at The Social Networking Conference about social networking mashups. I decided to turn it on its head a little bit and do an introduction on portable social networking instead, because what is it but a big ol’ mashup of identity, relationships and content?\ If you’re at the conference, I’ll see you at […]

  • Adapting to Web Standards: Going to Press!!

    I just saw the e-mail today that the book I helped write is going to press on Monday!! It’s called Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites, and I wrote a chapter about It’s available for pre-order now, of course, and would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite web […]

  • Web Standards’ Three Buckets of Pain

    I spent this week at the W3C’s annual technical plenary, which is a week of “discussing” the future of the foundations and future of the web. I spent the first part of the week in the CSS Working Group discussing CSS3 features and CSS2.1 issues. Tuesday evening and Wednesday were spent in the AC meeting […]

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