One thought on “Why am I such a baby?”

  1. Your rant has touched me, for I too am a baby.
    Rather than dispute over your long list of misfortune, or my equally long list of misdemeanors (damn you, Sharon Smith, burn in hell!) lets focus on whats really the problem here.
    Should you have allowed such a novice to destroy your lifes work?
    Should I have shat all over my supervisors desk? No.
    Did the people who demeaned & belittled us deserve a swift a fiery vengeance?
    But accountability, Mr. Kevin, thats the issue at hand. As long as we have learned from our mistakes… thats all that really matters.
    I’m positive that by this time you have updated your virus & hacker protection programs, as I have learned the valuable lesson of DNA testing.

    Farewell & good luck on your future endeavours,

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