4 thoughts on “Lawvers Around the World”

  1. Hi, just wanted to say that I too, am a Lawver, not a Lawyer, not a Lauver, and not a Lauber, lol. By marrige that is. I think we are a dying breed, as my husband and I, and our 2 children are what is left of our clan…aside from those who no longer can reproduce. So I am always curious to see if there are any others out there who can claim ties to our blood line.

  2. hey, i’m also a Lawver. i am a pure blood Lawver. i was also curious to see if there were any other Lawver’s in the world. so if u want u can email me. if not ok!

  3. Hello, I am also a Lawver, and yes it is very annoying when people mispronounce our last name. I am a pure blooded lawver also. I couldn’t sleep one night so I just logged on to the internet and went searching to see if I could find more Lawver’s. If you would like feel free to email me whenever.

  4. my mother is a lawver from mellen wisconsin her father was marion ike lawver her mother was bernice v hovland lawver there are many lawvers in are family ive got many uncles and male cus to keep the name and blood line going for yrs to come if any one has any family history on the lawvers i am trying to do a family tree and have hit one to many road blocks so i welcome the help also does anyone know what the lawver nationality is ive heard finish norwegin indian and german and even dutch i feel like a steak sauce lol email me but when you do please put lawver history in the subjest line so i dont do a auto delete thanks and have a great day

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