Max: King of the TP

Max has been on a creative tear lately. He’s been making up interesting games, songs, etc. He’s also been full of energy from dawn to dusk and not taking naps. I guess he’s really three now.

Last night, I came home from work to find Max and Jen sitting on the sunroom floor building “sand castles” out of pieces of toilet paper. Apparently, while Jen was downstairs doing laundry, Max found our stash of TP and decided he could make sand out of it. He ripped up the entire roll in the sunroom and proceeded to build things with it. When Jen came up, he hastily pointed out, “It’s sand!! I building SAND CASTLES!!!” I think he was trying to tell Jen he wasn’t being naughty, but had a reason for mutilating the roll. Jen, of course, sat down with him and started playing. When I got home, I took over with the camera. Max thought it was really cool to pick up a bunch of pieces, throw them up into the air and walk under them. We had a TP fight, made some TP origami, wore TP hats and Max stuffed a bunch of it down my shirt. Who knew TP could be so much fun?