Beats To Make You Move Your Seat

Ok, this Samba version of Hit The Road, Jack in Portugese (I think) on Jazzmusique, has me dancing my fat ass off. It’s rockin’ in a way I just can’t explain. My feet are tappin’, my head is a-boppin, my butt is a-shimmyin’, and thanks to Amazon, the album has been added to my wishlist, and just in time for my birthday.

If you have a speedy connection, you should get on over to Netmusique right now and listen in. Jazzmusique is my favorite. For example, right before Hit The Road, Jack, they played a live version of Massive Attack’s Safe From Harm, which is one of my all-time favorites (now, if it had been live Teardrop I would have exploded from pure music joy). It’s great happy workin’ music without too many distractions. There are 5 second bumpers every hour or so, but no ads and no end to the ger-oovy music.

They play some rap every once in a while, and to my shock, I actually like it. It’s always downtempo jazzy stuff with interesting lyrics and sweet beats. Most of the time, it’s downtempo happy beats, frequently of an ethnic flavor (pick one, it’ll happen during the day).

I apologize for the goofiness of this post. It’s set to music you’re not hearing and a beat you can’t follow.