What I Want

I’ve been contemplating this list since Sunday. It’s not in final form yet, because I’m not. Hopefully, it will change and evolve as I learn more and I’m sure as I get older. I’m going to try to do a post on each point to further explain them.

I came up with this list in response to what I see in my elected officials today. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of these traits. I’m not sure how we can find candidates who subscribe to them, but I’m still searching. Let me know what you think of the list.

What I Want From My Elected Officials

  • Not to support legislating any particular religious beliefs, but to support my right to observe my beliefs as I see fit
  • To not prescribe how I should live my life, but to effectively legislate the limits of civil social interation (trade, crime, etc).
  • To be able to intelligently debate an issue from both sides and appreciate the role of dissent in society.
  • Defend my right to free expression
  • Defend the weak from the strong, and the powerless from the powerful.
  • Resist the unethical influence of corporate lobbying. My representatives at all levels should do their best to represent the needs of their constituents and not the desires of their contributors.
  • Understand the difference between playing politics and doing the “right thing”, and should do the latter more than the former.
  • Should not be so tied to one party’s platform that they are unable or unwilling to vote their conscience or follow the will of their constituents.
  • Support transparency in government except in cases of National Security defined as narrowly as possible.