I Wish

I came up with a great list of what I’d like from my elected officials
during church today. Yes, I did it during church… weird, huh? I’m not
sure what it means, but I’m going to try not to think about it too much.
I obviously wasn’t paying attention while I was frantically scribbling
notes to myself. Unfortunately, the list is in the car, so you’re not
going to see it tonight. I’m physically tired and emotionally tired and
just not ready to wade through my notes on all of this stuff, digest
them, and then get them up here so we can discuss them.

Kurt’s comments have got me thinking,
and I may need to come up with a graceful way to explain my take on
them, and come up with a coherent position on them. I understand his
points, and they’re good ones.

I want to see a society where everyone is free to worship (or not) as
they see fit. It’s defining the “do what you want as long as no one gets
hurt” concept that bothers me. I would hope that people would be better
and more noble than that. Unfortunately, I’ve watched Jerry
and know that a good portion of our society is not that
noble, and some things do need to be legislated. That balance between
personal freedom and the need of a society to maintain order and provide
basic services is what politics is all about. Having the Republicans in
power, the scale tips too far to the “order” side of the spectrum for
me. The far left is probably a bit too far to the “free” side. How do we
find that balance? How do we weigh that needs for personal freedom with
personal responsibility (and accountability) with the needs for defense,
services, and protecting the weak from the strong, and the powerless
from the powerful?

Bah, too many questions and not enough answers. I’ll try to come back
with the list of what I’d like to see from my “ideal” elected official,
and my “ideal” representative government tomorrow after I’ve gotten a
good night’s sleep, and hopefully processed all these conflicting
thoughts running amok in my noggin.

As I told Kurt, I welcome all opinions, as long as they’re well thought
out and reasoned. Bring ’em on. Share ’em. You never know what it’ll

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