Best Albums of the Nineties?

Michelle picked Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Sorry, but nope. The best albums of the nineties are…

  • Lyle Lovett’s Joshua Judges Ruth: The album that made me listen to Country – Ok, I only ever listen to Lyle, but that counts, doesn’t it?
  • Massive Attack‘s Mezzanine: How many other bands (that are still around, unlike the grungers who all traded in their flannel and went electonic) have been as copied as Massive Attack? How many bands, with such a small library of albums, have shown up in as many soundtracks over the last decade (Coldplay doesn’t count – yet)?

It’s so hard to pick two. My first inclination was to go with Morphine‘s Cure for Pain, but that’s just because I love it, not because it actually started anything. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden weren’t even the first grunge bands to hit it big.