Best Albums of the Nineties?

Michelle picked Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Sorry, but nope. The best albums of the nineties are…

  • Lyle Lovett’s Joshua Judges Ruth: The album that made me listen to Country – Ok, I only ever listen to Lyle, but that counts, doesn’t it?

  • Massive Attack‘s Mezzanine: How many other bands (that are still around, unlike the grungers who all traded in their flannel and went electonic) have been as copied as Massive Attack? How many bands, with such a small library of albums, have shown up in as many soundtracks over the last decade (Coldplay doesn’t count – yet)?

It’s so hard to pick two. My first inclination was to go with Morphine‘s Cure for Pain, but that’s just because I love it, not because it actually started anything. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden weren’t even the first grunge bands to hit it big.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. But, I’m a knee-jerk liberal! I don’t have to read the WHOLE post before I write a rebuttal. Heck, I shouldn’t have even read as much as I did! 😉

  2. 1. elvis costello: extreme honey
    (okay, it’s a collection, but of all of the stuff he did in the 90s that he never even promo’d)
    2. bill frisell: have a little faith in me
    (tough to narrow it down – great period for him, with this land, quartet, nashville, etc.)
    2.5. john scofield: groove elation; red hot chili peppers: blood sugar sex magic; dave matthews band: under the table and dreaming

  3. LYLE LOVETT!!!! He was also my intro to contemporary Country. I had a friend that bought tickets to see him in a small little amphitheater in Santa Fe. He told me that I didn’t have to pay for the ticket if I didn’t like the show. Needless to say I paid for the ticket and bought a t-shirt.
    Gonna have to think about this best of the 90s thing. My wife went straight for Violater (Depeche Mode) and Pretty Hate Machine (NIN) I find the NIN selection pretty funny. Since we had our baby I can’t get her to listen to even DMB!! Nothing but Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.
    Initial thoughts: Pretty Hate Machine (NIN), August and Everything After (Crows), BTCS (DMB), The Chronic (Dr Dre), Tragically Hip Live, Fumbling Towards Ectasy McLachlan), Rage Against the Machine (self titled), Fear (Toad)
    For Final Two I’m going with NIN and the Hip (at least today)

  4. These are my 5 best albums of the nineties:
    5. Radiohead’s OK Computer. I only put this album on here because I have heard how amazing it is and I guess I will believe the hype.
    That is why it is no.4 and not no.1. This is supposed to be the best album of the nineties according to most lists, even better than Nevrmind, it must be freaking awesome.
    4. Matchbox Twenty’s Yourslef or Someone Like You. This album sold 12 million copies in the USA and everysong is amazing, Rob Thomas is the greatest songwriter of his generation. It’s sales were pushed by hit singles Push and
    “3 AM”.
    3. Oasis’s Definitely Maybe is my no.3. I am a massive Oasis fan and this album is no.3 because it’s songs are great beacause of their rythm and they should be considered heavy metal for god’s sakes. From the catchy tune of “Rock n’ Roll Star” and the (should be called) heavy metal riffs of “Supersonic” and “Cigarettes and Alcohol” to the thoughtful lyrics and touching melody of “Live Forever”, this album isn’t to be leftout.
    2. My no.2 is Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Blood Sugar Sex Magic. A mouthful isn’t it, well it is also a mouthful of funk and party rock that sold 12 million copies worldwide. You won’t stop jumping from start to finish except for when “Under the Bridge” starts playing.
    1. Oasis’s (Whats the Story) Morning Glory? is no.1. It sold over 20 million albums worldwide and 4 million in the USA alone showcasing Oasis at it’s peak. When this album was released Noel Gallagher was classed as the
    songwriter of the day. With his skills and Liam Gallaghers very slightly husky but perfect voice these two brothers make this album unforgettable. Alan White was their drummer at the time and does an excellent job at driving the songs, I’m not surprised he is so sought after as a studio drummer. This album went 14x platinum in the UK thanks to the single’s Roll With It, Some Might Say and Wonderwall. Three of Oasis’s chart topping singles are on this album. Absoluelty amazing.

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