Musical Mood Swings

Be forewarned, today is “Kevin the tired, aggro, jaw-juttin’, angry white guy” day. I’m listening to Name of the Game, rockin’ out with my head bouncing and my lower jaw sticking out in the only dance us white guys know how to do.

No, really, there’s no excuse for staying up late, getting up early, and coming into work before anyone else just to get some work done uninterrupted without that frickin’ guy saying “You’ve Got Mail” every minute, or thirty IMs hitting me at once asking me to drop everything and help them. Today, nothing is good enough. No one is up to par. You all suck and don’t know it, which makes you suck even more.

Oh, crap, how did Clocks and Trouble get in my cock-out-rockin’ playlist? Augh!! Now I love everyone, and I’m sorry for all the insensitive things I said. I never meant to cause you trouble. I never meant to do you harm. Damn you, Coldplay!!

This post brought to you by deadlines, work, documents I have to write using Word, people constantly walking past my door and looking at me, and the letter P