Help The CSS Working Group With Backgrounds and Borders

At our last CSS Working Group meeting, I volunteered to ask the design community what y’all want as far as backgrounds and borders go. We spent some time talking about the CSS3 Backgrounds & Borders module and we need some feedback (because none of us are designers).
If you’re a designer, is this what you want? Is there anything missing from the module that should be there? Is there anything there that shouldn’t be?
Some ideas to get you going:
* Gradients: They’re really popular. Would it be a good thing to have simple gradients as a part of the spec even though you can do them today with graphics, SVG, or proprietary CSS filters?
* Multiple Backgrounds: Everyone I know is clamoring for these, and a lot of people add extra markup, or “appropriate” other elements to do this now. What would you like to see from multiple backgrounds? Is what’s in the spec now sufficient, too much, too little, etc?
* background-origin and background-clip: Are these useful?
* More atomic background positioning: I could see a use for a background position for both the image and within the element. For example, if I had an image sprite, I might want to get to position “-50px 0″ of the image, position it “left bottom” within the element.
* border-radius by corner: Do you want to be able to specify border-top-left-radius instead of just border-radius?
* Anything else…
So, bring it on. I’ll collate all the comments and send them to the group. If you don’t have javascript turned on (thank you, comment spammers!), and you still want to send comments, please send them to lawver at Trackbacks are on, but not displayed (thanks again, spammers).
If you know web designers who could help us out, please share the link.