Bethany Beach is for Lawvers

Last weekend Kevin and I snuck off without the kids and went to the beach. Oh baby, do I love the beach. Just ask my sister-in-law, Monica. She probably still thinks I am crazy after she saw my reaction to the one and only family trip we took to the beach. Huh.\
We weren’t there for very long, only 46 hours. We didn’t want to wear out the grandma who was watching Max and Brian. The time there was beautiful and relaxing and perfect. Except that Kevin has a broken foot so he can’t drive, can’t walk, and can’t get near the sand. We had this trip planned for weeks and already paid for the room, so we went anyway. He was a good sport about me leaving him in the dust in search of sand, waves, and boardwalk fun.\
Max makes us watch lots of cooking and food shows. (Who knew that my mini-gourmet husband would produce a mini mini-foodie?) We have been watching lots of shows about summertime and seaside treats featuring caramel corn, cotton candy, fudge, salt water taffy, and frozen custard. By the time we got to Bethany Beach our mouths were watering for it all. I also indulged in shellfish for all my meals, which Kevin is allergic to.\
The peanut butter fudge I bought made me miss my mom terribly (she likes peanut butter fudge). So I called her. While on a romantic vacation with my husband. So sue me.\
I spent my time either on beach reading or on the boardwalk shopping and in search of treats. Kevin spent his time reading on the porch. Since it was a really comfy porch with an ocean view and access to cookies and lemonade, I didn’t feel guilty about leaving him alone. I think the only time we were together was for our meals and when we were in the room. Wow, overall it sounds like Kevin had a crappy time, huh?\
The B&B itself was really nice. It was furnished with antiques. There was even a copy of Madame X by John SInger Sergeant in the hallway outside of our room. For family members, that is the famous painting I called “the black lady” that was in our living room while I was growing up. I felt really at home there. 🙂 I love the B&B experience. It was so homey and lovely and I liked talking to the other guests. Kevin and I were by far the youngest ones there. I am not sure if that was because B&Bs attract an older crowd or because this one was kind of expensive.\
It was great and we are so going back again sometime. Can’t wait! Who wants to come with us?

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By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.


  1. Kevin says:

    And the food!! I’ve eaten Creme Brulee on three continents now, and now I can say I know where the best creme brulee in the world is: Bethany Beach. If you go, you should treat yourself to dinner at The Kingston Grille. You won’t be sorry.

  2. Jen says:

    Don’t forget about the foie gras and the crab imperial! Yum Yum. You should take a second and write what you thought about the trip. :*

  3. mkg says:

    i got my wife a book called “strapless” by deborah davis, which is a pretty interest account of the history behind “madame x.” checkit.
    creme brulee rocks.

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