My rant

I am so bored and so over summer! I like the Fall. It needs to be Fall now. But it is still 3 months away. So, I need fudge and frozen custard to get me back in the swing of things. My diet lasted all of one day and then Kevin brought home some yummy cookies from Great Harvest and I ate them all. I’m such a master of will power, aren’t you jealous? My foot hurts so I can’t do what I should be doing. Brian is uber-cranky and I am sick of shows from the Food Network! (Max likes them though.) My little bitty cousin is getting married in a few months and that makes me feel old, cuz oh yea, I am old. The End. Continue what you were doing.
PS- Watch Veronica Mars on Wednesdays, on UPN at 9pm and Fridays, on CBS at 8pm. Also, the DVDs are available for pre-order now.