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  • Me me me me me; it’s all about me

    I am the worst mom ever. If anything were to happen to Kevin, I’d need to pay someone to objectively coparent with me. BRB getting more life insurance on Kevin. And maybe a parenting book. Btw, the kids are fine. Mostly.

  • Home Blabberings

    Raise your hand if your formal dining room looks like this: I wish architects would start adding computer nooks as a standard space in houses. And I don’t mean just an official office. I want a space for the kids’ computer as well as a real office for the adults. We have family coming to […]

  • Shmoopy Time!

    Happy 38th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thanks for showing me love, commitment, and compromise that has me going 12 + years on my own fabulous marriage. Love you!  

  • It Gets Better

    This really should be required viewing for everyone who has kids, interacts with kids, teaches kids, knows kids, lives nears kids, is a kid, or used to be a kid. It’s a great program in response to the suicide epidemic plaguing gay youth of today. However, the message of life beyond bullying and hope beyond […]

  • Two cute boys!

    I’ve been messing with photoshop again and the results are fantastic! Never will I have to worry about one kid not smiling at the right time again! (Knock on wood.) I started out with two pictures, where the kids were smiling in separate pics: and I turned it into one cute pic of the both […]

  • Hurray for hydrocodone!

    I had a major toothache attack while in Florida, and my dentist came to the rescue with a prescription to tide me over until I could get an appointment with the Big Drill Guy. I was surprised she has prescription-writing privileges for out-of-state, but am really grateful she does. And no matter the reality, I […]

  • Forgotten kidlets

    The school bus has forgotten one of my kids at school twice this year! What’s up with that? When asked, I tell people how much I like the school and how surprised I am to find it better than the vaunted Northern Virginia school system we left. Stop making me out to be a liar, […]

  • Random question time

    When the host on Clean House is trying to get a homeowner to give up sentimental but useless clutter, how come she never suggests taking pictures of the items before getting rid of them? Usually a person in this situation is holding on to things from a recently deceased loved one, things the homeowner doesn’t […]

  • Happy June!

    There are so many great things happening this month. The kids get out of school. My oldest nephew comes home from Afghanistan. \0/ Kevin’s youngest brother is getting married. Woot. Kevin’s grandma is having the first of her 80th birthday parties while we’re all together for the wedding. Kevin’s other brother, who is in the […]

  • Summer lovin, happened so fast

    Kevin wants to be all do-ey and create-y this summer, which I fully support. But I am not sure what I can do to be all do-ey and create-y too. Normally, I would throw myself into (finally) decorating our room. But it’s a rental, so I don’t want to spend that much time or energy […]

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