Random question time

When the host on Clean House is trying to get a homeowner to give up sentimental but useless clutter, how come she never suggests taking pictures of the items before getting rid of them? Usually a person in this situation is holding on to things from a recently deceased loved one, things the homeowner doesn’t particularly care for except as a way to keep the deceased close. The latest example of this is a collection of painted eggs. The homeowner simply had them in a basket, stuck on top of a bunch of other clutter. She didn’t really have a use for them, nor was she displaying them, but she just couldn’t get rid of them. It seems having a picture of each egg and them grouped together would have helped her get rid of them more easily. The show let her keep one, and nicely displayed it in her living room, by the way. So that was nice, But I still maintain pictures would’ve helped her get there faster.

Just wondering.

PS- Remind me of this if and when I start screaming, “No, no, no, over my dead body” about my mom’s sheep collection, some of which are almost life-size. 😛

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  1. OH NO!
    You mean my sheep collection is going in the trash bin when I’m gone?

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