Me me me me me; it’s all about me

I am the worst mom ever. If anything were to happen to Kevin, I’d need to pay someone to objectively coparent with me. BRB getting more life insurance on Kevin. And maybe a parenting book.

Btw, the kids are fine. Mostly.


Home Blabberings

Raise your hand if your formal dining room looks like this:


I wish architects would start adding computer nooks as a standard space in houses. And I don’t mean just an official office. I want a space for the kids’ computer as well as a real office for the adults.

We have family coming to visit and I’ve been trying to suppress my desire to spiffy-up the place. No need to buy superfluous knickknacks, especially right before Christmas! I also have to remember to use my time wisely. Washing guest room sheets, important. Rearranging the bookshelf, not important.

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Shmoopy Time!

Happy 38th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thanks for showing me love, commitment, and compromise that has me going 12 + years on my own fabulous marriage. Love you!


Brian Max

The boys

The kids have had a fantastic couple of days.

At school on Friday, Brian was recognized for achieving High Honor Roll and perfect attendance and Max was recognized for achieving High Honor Roll, perfect attendance, and was his class’s Super Hawk, which is the best all-around student. YAY school!\
At soccer on Saturday, Brian received the Good Sportsmanship Award, his second of the season, and Max’s team won 5-0. YAY soccer!

I still think Perfect Attendance is silly, but as long as those awards are being handed out, I am going to brag that my kids got them. 😛

Jen politics

I don’t get Republican voters

Policy over politics- the way things should be!!

Can’t spend 10 minutes watching the above? Click here: Obama’s accomplishments.

Jen music

My New Favorite Song

If Kevin and I renew our vows, I want this to be our wedding song:

I am being serious, but the video probably makes it seem like I am joking.


The Good Wife

No, I’m not talking about me. I am talking about the show on CBS. It’s a great show and you should check it out.\
CBS got booed by An Important Gay Group for its lack of gays, so like magic CBS added one to The Good Wife, even though there was already a lesbian (bisexual?) on the show. Guess she doesn’t count. But kudos to The Good Wife’s writers as they took a mandated, shoe-horned character and made a fantastic, non-cliched episode. Run, run, run to watch it! And bow down to Alan Cummings! And Mr. Big. And how interesting was it to see a whole different side to Alicia?

Last year I talked my in-laws into watching, yay! I described it as a feel-good, lawyery show where the main character is always on the right side. Kevin said that description made him NOT want to watch it. He’s missing out! Of course as soon as I said that, the show shook things up some, lol. Lots of great actors, interesting cases (and I was wicked burnt out on law dramas before this show), an intriguing on-going plot, and Josh Charles!!! Start from the beginning if you’re new.

This season there’s a push-push between old-time fave Kalinda and new guy Jason Street (from Friday Night Lights). I wonder if he and Logan Huntzberger bonded over macing on Derek Jeter’s (one-time?) girlfriend on FNL. Hollywood is very small apparently and there are only ten actors in all. Who knew?

Brian Jen Max

Bus change = more talky time

The school changed the bus pick up time. It is now 90 minutes before school starts. Isn’t that ridiculous? I offered to drive the kids to school because that extra hour in traffic is stupid. (We live 3 miles from the school!!) However, Brian wanted to still ride the bus, but Max wanted me to drive him. I went out with Brian and spent 30 minutes waiting for the bus (it was really late) and talking. When I got back home, I tried to finish up the dishes, but Max was really interested in talking to me too and he spent the whole drive and wait talking. So, not necessarily a bad change after all.


Question of the Day

How come when people (authors) say that sweat is sexy, they are talking about sport sweat or working-on-the-car sweat and never mean hunched-over-the-bathtub-scrubbing-soap-scum sweat? Just wondering. I gotta go mop my brow and get back to scrubbing.


Brian \o/

Brian’s really tearing it up at school, in a good way. He received the first High Flying Hawk Award for his class for embodying the monthly theme of Peace. He has all A’s on his progress report. He scored 100% on his first two Accelerated Reader tests. He has all 100% on his spelling tests each week. He got a 100% on his Summer Reading Project.

Check him out at his first soccer game:\