I have a ton of stuff of substance to blog about (church, meetings at Max’s school, dumb ass politicians) but instead I want to tell you all about my latest dilemma. Today I went shopping for the road-trip-required twizzlers and peanut M&Ms for the drive to my parents’ house next week. Then I remembered that Brian can’t eat nuts and if he sees me not sharing, he’ll pitch a fit. Waaaah. I need my peanut M&Ms for the trip. It just won’t be the same without them! What am I to do?

Look out, world!

I have been dealing with the longest bout of PMS ever. At what point do I face reality and admit it’s not PMS, it’s just that I am a cranky bitch?\
Yesterday was a bad day at Chez Lawver, with the broken pipe, flooded basement, heater on the fritz, and the lack of running water. I had Kevin take us out to dinner (my hero) just to keep the boys happy and out of my hair until bedtime. The waitress asked if we wanted an appetizer. I said, “No, but I want a brownie sundae with 4 spoons to eat now, while the real food is cooking. Because that is the kind of day I had.” Her eyes widened a little, in fear I think, while Kevin just laughed. But it was fun! My mom applauded when she heard about it. The best part was that Kevin filled up on sundae and salad and took home almost a whole steak and baked potato, which I ate for lunch. Score one for me!


Hey, there is a new Supernatural on tonight (Thursday, 9pm EST on The CW) that looks awesome. YAY! This is the last new one until January though. Boo. But we finally get to know what the big, super-secret secret that John told Dean is. Yippeee! I can’t wait. Any guesses about the secret?\
I’ve also heard that Supernatural is now available on iTunes, which is cool. Now all you peeps out in internet-land can watch at your own convenience. Neat-oh, huh?

In and Out, and out, and out

The good news: Except for one gift I still need to buy Max (I had to take something back, so I am a bit behind), I am DONE with my Christmas shopping! Yippeeeeee!\
The bad news: The heater has been on the fritz, so that it gets ridiculously cold in the house. It has been deciding to work about once a day. I have someone coming to look at it today, to the tune of I-don’t-know-how-much. Of course now that I made an appt, this morning the heater has been working. I am afraid that the guy will come out and say it is fine, but then it will stop working again tomorrow. Grrr. At least if my heater really is working, I will only have to pay a smaller amount than having it fixed or replaced. Bright side, right?\
A pipe broke this morning, I think from the cold, so now part of my basement is flooded and that is an extra few hundred dollars out the window. Plus, last week I needed to have my garbage disposal replaced. Homeownership is sucking the big fat one, right now.\
Oh, and a couple of months ago we had our ice maker fixed. Only now sometimes things get stuck up in there, so the ice won’t come out of the shoot. Pooey to that. And sometimes a layer of ice forms over the food on the shelf below the ice maker, like there is a small leak or the ice tray over sprays when filling. Grrrr.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars scored its second highest ratings ever with last night’s mystery finale. YAY! For those who missed the beginning of the arc, or those who are just now deciding to watch the awesomeness that is Veronica Mars, the season opener is being shown next week (Tuesdays, The CW at 9pm EST). I think most of the first mystery’s arc will be replayed, which will be a great time to look for clues for the second mystery which was introduced last night. Wheeee. And how fab is it that we already know so much about the suspects and already have clues? Wheeee, again, I say.

Couch potato-ness

My beloved love seat found a nice new home. YAY! Kevin described the couple as very happy and young, which automatically makes me feel old.\
I spent all weekend shopping, though I didn’t get very far on my list. Note to self: next time leave the cute shoes at home and wear the comfortable ones. I was so wrecked by the last night that I could only veg in front of some Tivoed football games. The sound of football games coming through the tv is so soothing to me, I ended up snoozing unintentionally with the kids crawling all over and mauling me in my sleep. I think Kevin and I should make a CD of these sounds and market it to sports enthusiasts, like one of those peaceful, relaxing CDs of ocean breezes and gentle rains. I bet we could make millions! Hee.\
The finale of the first mystery on Veronica Mars is tonight (The CW, 9pm EST). I can’t wait to find out if my suspicions are right. Then a new mystery will start. I wonder what it will be?\
The Tivo in the sun room is acting up, freezing every 5 seconds. I want to shoot the darn thing and put it, and us, out of its misery. But Brian still thinks there is value is watching Go, Diego, Go in a herky-jerky manner. Just hearing it is driving me crazy. I think I will go watch some football to calm down.

TV and stuff

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I have pies to bake, so let’s make this quick, ok?\
Heroes: The confrontation was anti-climatic. Claire basically ran away and didn’t need anyone to protect her after all. Huh. So, the world is saved now? I know it isn’t as simple as that, but so far that has been the prevalent thought.\
Glad to see the waitress back. She is my favorite character, even though she just barely showed up.\
Milo V. NEEDS a haircut. His ‘Gary Oldman from The 5th Element‘ hairstyle makes me want to scratch out my eyes.\
Gilmore Girls: LOGAN! YAY! I really enjoyed the Logan and Rory fight. I love them together, but they fight so well and entertainingly that I love the fights too. This fight seemed both organic and in character. I totally loved Rory being called out about being “one of us.” She is very much one of them when it suits her, as in “But I’m a Gilmore!” She does seem to kinda straddle the line between society and not- the society folks see her as an interloper but the non-society see her as uber-privildeged. I do wish Rory’d have said, “I used to live in a shed!” to Logan. My personal theory is that someone’s early images of themselves stick the best, so she sees herself as a poor and nerdy outsider, because that is how she was as a small child.\
I was also kind of waiting for Logan to drop the bomb that he’d invited internet newspaper guy just so he could meet Rory and potentially hire her. But no bombshell, so no extra fighting- which whew, I am glad. I think it would have been awesome and in character for Logan to do that though, because he thinks she is a great writer and wants to help her, but still let her talent and abilities actually get her the job.\
I also like that she wants to get her own place. It will still be with someone else’s money (her dad’s), so I kind of wish she’d wait 6 months and try to pay for it herself, but at least this will give her the start/taste of independence like she’s never experienced before.\
Boo to elopements. I don’t like them and think if you are eloping, there is probably something wrong with the situation.\
Veronica Mars: I love Dick. Can never get enough! The jokes were hysterical AND totally inappropriate, but that is how this society roles, which is reflected in VM. We joke about everything, even child molesting pop stars and dead astronauts. I don’t think the show is making a grand statement about women/power/feminism, etc. with this plotline. It is merely a story. This ain’t Star Trek, y’all. No moral tale to be found here. Did love the Heroes shoutout though!\
Some asshats posting on TWoP are saying that Chip’s attack wasn’t rape. Which, Grrrrrrr. Those posters are so stupid, I just can’t even let my mind go there.\
I am pretty sure I know who did it and have suspected him from almost the beginning. Which, poo. If I am smart enough to figure it out, then the writers didn’t try hard enough. I would love to be wrong though!\
30 Rock: Totally funny. Alec Baldwin is amazing (something I never thought I would write) and I hope he gets an Emmy nom from this.\
Um, I think that is all I watched. Have you been watching anything good recently?\
Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone. And super Happy Birthday, Julie (even though you don’t read this, you big slacker). Love you!

Embarrassing Confession

While watching the latest Supernatural, I screamed after a “startling” horror trope and then after I got over the startle-factor and saw the content, I screamed AGAIN out of sheer FRIGHT. I very quickly decided it would be very smart to tuck my feet under my legs instead of letting them hang off the end of the recliner, where any old thing could grab them. Heh.\
Seriously, watching this show in the dark, in the basement, on a large screen tv, all by myself is awesome and the only way to watch Supernatural. Wheeeeee.\
Check out this quick preview of upcoming AWESOMENESS: