Summer Media Consumption

I’ve been a fan of Jason Kottke’s Media Diet posts forever and decided it’s time to start my own, because I consume so much, I forget what I’ve seen, what I like and what to recommend to folks. So, consider this the first in what will hopefully be a series of “stuff Kevin’s watched so… Continue reading Summer Media Consumption

What You Won’t See on CNN…

“Here’s what you won’t see on CNN” is my new least favorite phrase. I definitely won’t see it on CNN because I don’t watch any of the 24 hour news networks. Their primary job isn’t to inform me, provide clarity of nuanced issues or situations, or to enlighten mankind about the problems we collectively face.… Continue reading What You Won’t See on CNN…

My Favorite British Shows on Netflix

I’ve been a Netflix customer for only a few months, but I’m already in love with all the foreign films and documentaries I can get. The best part, though, has to be all the British TV shows! Because someone asked on Twitter last night, here’s a list of my favorite British stuff on Netflix right… Continue reading My Favorite British Shows on Netflix

The Event, part 2

Both Tony Kornheiser, who is my favorite faux-curmudgeon, and a real-life friend said how great The Event was, so I decided to check out the second episode. Things I learned from the previouslies and Kevin, proving that I didn’t pay attention well to the pilot:\ Aliens! The big secret is aliens. Except, if the show… Continue reading The Event, part 2

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