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  • On Squid Game

    I’m going to put my thoughts about Squid Game below my list of other things you should check out, but first… if you liked it, here are some shows I think you’ll like! Alice in Borderland (Netflix) – The acting and backstories in Squid Game are better, but I liked the premise and WTF factor […]

  • My Favorite Songs of 2020

    I don’t even have anything pithy to say about 2020. Everyone’s already said it, and everyone knows it, so it doesn’t need to be said. But, on the bright side, a lot of great music was released this year! Every year, I keep a playlist of songs I like that were released that year. It’s […]

  • The Wonder of Pantry Staples

    Jen wasn’t feeling well, so I made dinner tonight in between work things. It worked, but it got me thinking about how much easier life is when you have a pantry of staples you can throw together to make something yummy. Tonight’s recipe was a Mexican-inspired pork stew. Measurements are going to be difficult, but […]

  • Media Diet: September 2019

    I did one of these earlier in the summer, so this one will be a little shorter. I was sick for a while, and we had to evacuate for a hurricane, so I’ve watched a bunch of stuff. Bahubali 1 and 2: On Netflix. Two of the highest grossing movies in Indian history. They’re both […]

  • Summer Media Consumption

    A big oak tree covered in spanish moss at sunset.

    I’ve been a fan of Jason Kottke’s Media Diet posts forever and decided it’s time to start my own, because I consume so much, I forget what I’ve seen, what I like and what to recommend to folks. So, consider this the first in what will hopefully be a series of “stuff Kevin’s watched so […]

  • Roadtrip Media Survival Guide

    Dark storm clouds over some random shopping center in Northern VA.

    The family just did our big annual road trip to see my family in Northern VA.  That meant over twenty hours on the road.  I almost always create a new Roadtrips playlist every year (first in iTunes, then Rdio, now Spotify).  This year’s was a little different since I let the kids add songs to […]

  • Kevin’s Musical Year in Review for 2017

    I’ve written these for a few years now (I could have sworn I wrote one last year, but I guess I didn’t), and I think this is the first year that it’s been harder to pick out albums than some great songs. I think Spotify may have finally broken me of my “listen to the […]

  • Kevin’s Year in Music: 2015

    It’s been a great year for actual music, but a sad one for me personally. Why? Rdio died. I loved Rdio for years – even when I was working at a music startup building a competing service, I still loved Rdio. And now it’s gone. I tried Google Music, and had to give up on […]

  • Importing Rdio Playlists (and Your Collection) Into Google Music

    My beloved Rdio is dying, and soon. They ran out of money, sold all their assets in a fire sale and have given their users about a week to find a new music home. I tried Apple Music, but quickly ran into limitations (song limit, my patience with their awful UI, horrible apps for importing […]

  • Accidental Greatness: Sriracha Chicken Quesadillas

    I have accidentally created the greatest food ever: the Sriracha Chicken Quesadilla: You need to: Preheat the oven to 350 Slice two onions into quarter inch slices Slice two bell peppers (or mini bells) into quarter inch slices Four boneless chicken breasts Assemble: lay the onions out on a roasting pan or cookie sheet so […]

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