Hurray for hydrocodone!

I had a major toothache attack while in Florida, and my dentist came to the rescue with a prescription to tide me over until I could get an appointment with the Big Drill Guy. I was surprised she has prescription-writing privileges for out-of-state, but am really grateful she does. And no matter the reality, I maintain I was a trooper and didn’t let my pain ruin our vacation. 🙂

The beach was really relaxing and beautiful. I took my book with me each day, but never bothered opening it. It was just a joy to doze on the chaise and not really do anything. I highly recommend it.

We ran into a convention of four hundred Red Hat Ladies. They were a hoot to see. My favorite was one of the husbands who was wearing a purple shirt and a red hat too, though no sparkles. I can totally tell I am going to fit right in with them in a couple of decades. 😀