2 thoughts on “Not What I Planned for This Weekend”

  1. Hi. Apologies for being offtopic, but some people at ficlets are trying to reach you…
    We’re worried about Ficlets.com’s future.
    The domain is still listed as registered in your name, but it is set to expire on October 31st of this year.
    Can you let us (the users on the website) know if the domain name will be renewed?
    Is the page managed by AOL now?
    Can we reach someone there who will have some idea what we’re talking about
    and will be willing to take some responsibility for the site? After all, it’s a novel technology, it’s still thriving, it’s got decent traffic; it should be just the kind of thing AOL wants to promote.
    Any information you might have, would be greatly appreciated by the Ficlet community.
    Thanks and regards, and again, sorry for posting an off-topic comment on your blog.
    John Finnan

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