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Open Brackets: Another cool blog I discovered last week. An excellent writer, interesting perspectives. If you hate my slop, you’ll love hers.

As I said on Friday, I’m bored. Well, it’s not getting any better. Today is even worse. Nothing exciting is going on. If there IS anything exciting going on, I’m not a part of it. I’m waiting on people to do things, make decisions, do their thing, so I can do mine. It’s the worst time to be me. I can’t stand waiting, especially when I’m not too excited about what I’m waiting for.

I’ve decided I need to shake something up. Mostly, that’s involved me thinking new and interesting ways to destroy my hair. I haven’t done anything crazy since I shaved my head a couple years ago. Now, I’m thinking about dying it. I may just try ultra-blonding it to see if I like the dyed look before I go crazy and go purple. Why? Well, I’ve decided that people over 30 who dye their hair crazy colors are desperate for their youth. I want to dye my hair some crazy color before I turn thirty so I don’t fall into that desperate camp. I’ve never done it before, and well, it’s time to.

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By Kevin Lawver

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