I had the weirdest dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. It was a “this could have been your life” thing. What if I hadn’t been married when I moved to Virginia? What would things be like? It was odd, and in the end, I ended up married to Jen, and Max was there too, which is nice, but it was still very odd. I don’t normally have vivid and memorable dreams. I usually don’t remember them at all.

After yesterday’s geekFeat, I’m not up to really doing anything today. I’m just bored. I’m tired of “helping” people by answering questions all day about things they could have figured out on their own (man COMMAND – try it).

Hopefully it’s just because I’m tired. I stayed up last night to watch the new South Park, and then couldn’t go to bed with that image stuck in my head, so I stayed up to watch Jiminy Glick. It’s such an uneven show. The filler around the interviews sucks mightily. And, I’d have no desire to watch the show except for the interviews. They’re great. The Eugene Levy bit was very funny, especially when Dave Thomas came out as Bob Hope (does anyone else see an SNL/SCTV reunion theme here?). Hopefully, they’ll pull together the rest of the show… but I doubt it. It seems Martin Short’s career has been built on uneven stuff. He’s usually pretty funny, but he has his moments where things just don’t work.

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