Unknown Origins

My mom’s into genealogy (I know I spelled that wrong – don’t care – you’ll see why later). Through contacts in the family, and lots of research, she’s traced our ancestors back to the 1600s on her side, and to the 1700s on my dad’s.

I hate to shock anyone who knows me, but I’m a blue blood! On mom’s side, there are three family lines that show up in America in the 1600s, from Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, etc)!! On my dad’s side, they’re here in the 1700s, from Switzerland. So, that means I should be much snobbier than I am. I mean, come on!! I’m a WASP with some raging neutrality thrown in. It’s funny that four hundred years of people living and dying has culminated in me. How scary is that?

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By Kevin Lawver

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